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Tuff Floor WB Epoxy Levelling

  • Water based 2 pack epoxy levelling compound
  • Cures to a very hard durable surface
  • Can be applied from 1 mm to 10 mm in thickness
  • Ideal for giving aged floors a new seamless topping
  • Can be used as the final floor finish or coated with Tuff Floor WB Epoxy in any colour
  • Excellent water vapour transmission and can be applied to damp concrete
  • Used as a filler for cracks
  • Flow out can be modified to cope with sloping floors
  • The addition of Portland cement makes this into a hard coving compound

Tuff Floor Epoxy Levelling compound is used on concrete floors such as warehouses, medium use industrial floors, food processing areas, wineries, dairy shed milking platforms and floors, pharmaceutical and laboratory floors and anywhere where a hard smooth (not slippery as the surface is a matt finish) finish is required. The levelling compound is designed to be poured onto the surface, spread out using a notched or gauged rake and left to find its own level. It sets up within an hour and can be walked on the next day. The levelling compound forms the basis of a complete flooring system and can be over coated with the Tuff Floor WB Epoxy to give a low sheen or high gloss coloured finish. The levelling component of the flooring system also imparts impact resistance to help cope with heavy items that may be dropped on the floor, causing cracking and flaking of a paint only application.   

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