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Tuff Cote Finish

Tuff Cote Finish is a water based polyurethane topcoat with excellent toughness, adhesion, gloss retention and mar resistance. This product can be used by itself (single pack) or combined with Diamond Hardener (2-pack system) to form a highly durable coating suitable for medium to heavy industrial applications. With excellent adhesion and fast set-up time, this product is a replacement for solvent-borne polyurethanes with significant reduction in VOC emissions. Adopting European WB resin technologies, TUFF COTE Finish is formulated to be air-dried, or forced-dried at low temperature (below 60oC).

TUFF COTE Finish is designed to work with Diamond Hardener, to produce a topcoat with high durability, impact resistance and chemical resistance. TUFF COTE Finish is designed to go over a wide variety of primers, including GALVANISED IRON PRIMER, EPS-10 ETCH PRIMER and TUFF COTE DTM. See next page or the specification sheet for further details. To achieve a smooth finish, airless spraying is highly recommended. However, this product can also be applied by a brush or roller over small areas.

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