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Tuff Cote DTM Primer

A waterborne direct-to-metal anti-corrosive primer with excellent adhesion (typically to iron, steel, aluminium, zinc, copper and brass). Designed as a general industrial primer and interior topcoat for light to medium wear industrial applications. With excellent adhesion and fast set-up time, this product is an excellent replacement for solvent-borne metal primers. Adopting European WB resin technologies, TUFF COTE DTM is formulated to have fast block-resistance and low VOC level (< 50 g/L).

With excellent adhesion and protection to various metals, TUFF COTE DTM is especially designed to protect metallic surfaces. It is used as a primer and may be used as a top coat where uv-exposure and yellowing are not critical. As a primer, it is ideal for machine components (under the bonnet parts & underbodies), concrete reinforcements, and difficult metals (brass and copper). For top coats, COTEC offers a range of products that are compatible with TUFF COTE DTM. E.g. EVO 100% Acrylic Gloss, Aquatec LP, Epotec High Build Epoxy, Tuff Floor WB Epoxy and Tuff Cote Finish. Please contact our representatives for further details.

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