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Sanding Sealer

  • A fast dry water based clear sanding sealer for timber, MDF and wooden floors
  • Designed to penetrate timber to improve adhesion of top coats
  • Uses special sanding agents that retain clarity of the sealer so the timber’s natual beauty and colour is not lost
  • Can be used to enhance the adhesion to hard surfaces such as old gloss paint and laminates
  • Particularly useful when coating hardwoods to ensure the best adhsion of clear top coats

Cotec Sanding Sealer is used for sealing of timber trim, bench tops and other wood surfaces, in preparation for clear finish coats. Ideal as a replacement for solvent based lacquer sealers in the furniture, shop fitting and cabinetry industries. As a grain filler where a smooth finish is required on heavily grained timber or veneers.Used to enhance adhesion to hard non porous surfaces such as high and low pressure laminate when repainting with pigmented paints such as Aquatec LP. Can be used as an adhesion promoting layer when recoating existing clear finished flooring with single pack products such as Tuff Floor PUD.

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