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Lime Stop – Lime Efflorescence

  • Lime Stop – Lime efflorescence. A water based primer for sealing lime efflorescence which can bleed through acrylic paints
  • A “must have” for all modern cement based plaster cladding systems
  • Makes the plaster hydrophobic, restricting the passage of moisture
  • Helps with hold out of top coats to achieve a better finish
  • Overcomes the development of frame work patterning and white patches that develop over time
  • Ideal as a sealer on block work prior to coating with elastomeric membranes (Elastomer 888)
Exterior cementitious finishes have a high lime content which can effloresce to the surface, creating a white layer of limestone. Under certain situations this can leach through acrylic paints to the outer surface, which is especially noticeable with dark colours. LIME STOP is a very effective in reducing migration of lime.
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