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Wood Primer Surfacer Fine Finish

Wood primer surfacer, fast drying, water based, excellent free sanding, ideal as based for high end topcoats, hard surface adhesion promoter over hard or glossy surfaces. Provides a surface that reduces sink back of top coats. Can be used as a grain filler for timber and veneers. Over coat with most top coat paint including Aquatec LP water based enamel and Tuff Cote water based polyurethane.

Surface preparation of timber trim, doors, and gib wallboards etc, in preparation for high performance finish coats. Ideal as a basecoat in the furniture, shop fitting and cabinetry industries. As a grain filler where a smooth finish is required on heavily grained timber or veneers. Can also be overcoated with broadwall finishes such as EVO 100% ACRYLIC VELVET.
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