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EVO Easysand

  • Specialised high build acrylic water based sealer/undercoat.
  • Applied with brush, roller or spray
  • Able to be applied to a high wet film in one coat to assist in filling and hiding minor imperfections
  • Very easy sanding
  • Can be used on Plasterboard, plaster, wood, MDF and most porous surfaces
  • Also used as a “filler” on block work or concrete to help achieve a smoother surface prior to top coating

As a sealer/undercoat for plasterboard, wood and composite board such as MDF and Tri Board, Easysand is at the top of the list for a user friendly multi purpose sealer undercoat for all interior work. The level of finish that can be achieved is dependant on the film build and the skill of the applicator. A level 5 finish is achievable. Easysand can also be used in some exterior environments where a "filling" sealer is needed to help smooth out surfaces before painting but we recommend checking with our technical department prior to this to ensure the best results.

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