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EVO 100% Acrylic Velvet

  • Premium interior washable low sheen finish for all areas
  • Ultra tough “ceramic” pigment for maximum wear resistance
  • Beautiful low sheen “mineral look” finish
  • Can be used in kitchens and well ventilated bathroom areas
  • Available in all current market colours
  • Ideal for walls and ceilings in rental properties
  • Easy to apply with no roller marks or uneven sheen patches
The best paint for use on Interior walls and ceilings. Velvet can also be used on trim and window frames if using a water based enamel such as Aquatec LP is not an option. Our testing (to international standards) has shown that Velvet has the best stain and scrub resistance of any of the currently available similar products on the market and it is this quality along with the absolute ease of application and ability to get the best finish off a brush or roller that has Velvet held in such high regard by top end trade painters.
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