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Concrete WB Epoxy Sealer

  • A specialised penetrating sealer for aged or new concrete
  • Water based 2 pack epoxy
  • Deep penetration into the concrete surface to help bind and seal before painting
  • Provides maximum adhesion of floor coatings and leveling compounds
  • Excellent water vapour permeability and can be applied to damp concrete
  • Recommended for use on all concrete prior to coating
  • Fast cure, low odour and easy clean up
Concrete WB Epoxy Sealer is used for sealing of concrete (new or aged following the appropriate cleaning and preparation), generally prior to over coating with epoxy finishes. Our experience has shown that the use of a deeply penetrating, vapour permeable sealer is invaluable in getting flooring systems to perform to their best. Sealing the concrete will not cover over poor preparation and concrete still needs to be correctly prepared (cleaning, grinding or acid etching) prior to starting on the coating process. Tuff Floor WB Sealer is not a coating in its own right and is applied as a thin layer just sufficient to fully wet out the surface of the concrete before applying the top coats.
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