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Aquatec LP

  • A unique water based “enamel” based on polyurethane
  • Used on all interior surfaces where a tough hard wearing finish is needed
  • Almost odourless
  • Exceptional flow and appearance
  • Ideal for window frames, trim and doors
  • Very smooth finish of a roller or brush
  • Excellent finish when spray applied
  • The right paint for kitchen and bathroom walls and ceilings
  • Available in three gloss levels to match any wall paint
  • Able to be tinted to any current market colour range

Coating Technologies Ltd have taken a very different approach when formulating a water based enamel. Most others products are based on standard acrylic resin and this tends to be difficult to get a good finish when brushing or rolling and has problems with fresh surfaces "sticking" together. Aquatec LP water based enamel is made using polyurethane and as such has many of the benefits that this technology has been respected for for a long time. Polyurethanes are tougher, more durable, less thermoplastic (the sticking problem) and have far better flow out when applied giving a smooth finish. Aquatec LP is available in 3 gloss levels so trim and doors can be matched not only in colour but also gloss to the wall paint giving a seamless look to the finish. Aquatec LP is the premium product for interior trim, doors, bathroom and kitchen surfaces (including ceilings) where a smooth, hard wearing easy clean finish is required.

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