Quality paint and a commitment to premium products

About Us

Our ISO 9001 accreditation is proof of that commitment. Our aim is to produce only premium quality paint that gives the best possible result. Ease of use and perfect finish are all part of the quality paint formulating process. Paint performance, whether it is how long it lasts or how easy it is to use is a result of careful selection. The very best of raw materials must be chosen and then matched with additives that enhance or improve the end result.

Much time is spent in our laboratory fine tuning paint formula for maximum performance and many raw materials are surveyed and few chosen. Rigorous testing of the finished product then takes place before a drop of paint gets to market. There are many paint companies making paint to a price and the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is equally true of paint as anything else. Of particular interest to COTEC is the emerging water bourn polyurethane chemistry and we are well down with development of paint based on this.

As a fully New Zealand made and family owned company we care about the future of our beautiful country. Using the latest water based technologies, we have created a range of paints that are designed to stand the test of time while having minimum impact on the environment.

Our History

The Cotec story began in 1979 when the company was established as Western Chemicals Limited.  The company grew rapidly to be a successful surface coating company manufacturing a wide variety of high tech paint and chemical products. In 1995, a new chapter began when the powder coating and industrial paint manufacturing business was sold.

This enabled us to concentrate on producing more environmentally friendly products based on mostly water based technology. The company was renamed CTL – Coating Technologies Limited. Cotec now produces a comprehensive range of paints, with an extensive colour range, suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use.


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