Pools Information Sheets

NT Guide for Fibreglass.pdf
PS-C001 Acid Etching of Concrete with HCl.pdf
PS-C002 Abrasive Blast Cleaning of Concrete and Painted Surfaces MAR 20.pdf
PS-C003 Pool Paint Identification Test MAR 20.pdf
PS-C004 The Moisture Content of Concrete MAR 20.pdf
PS-C005 Repair of Concrete Defects Mar 20.pdf
PS-C006 Making Concrete Clean and Dry MAR 20.pdf
PS-C007 Making Cocrete Oil Grease Free MAR 20.pdf
PS-C007 Making Concrete Oil Grease Free MAR 20.pdf
PS-C008 Fixing pinholing or blisters caused by surface imperfections or bug holes.pdf
PS-C008 Pinholing and Bugholes in Concrete paint blister repair.pdf
PS-C009 Maintainence of Bund Coatings & Toppings.pdf
PS-C010 Fibreglass and Osmosis MAR 21.pdf
PS-CR01 Repainting a Swimming Pool with Epotec Aqua 1K MAR 20.pdf
PS-E001 Repainting a Chlorinated Rubber Coating With Epotec NT Epoxy MAR 20.pdf
PS-E002 Coating a Concrete Surface with Epotec NT Epoxy or Aqua 1K MAR 20.pdf
PS-E003 Coating a Fibreglass Surface with Epotec NT Epoxy and Aqua 1K WB paint MAR 20.pdf
PS-E004 Recoating an Aged Epoxy Coating with Epotec over Concrete MAR 20.pdf
PS-E005 Typical avoidable Epotec NT epoxy problems MAR 20.pdf
PS-E006 Epotec Frequently Asked Questions MAR 20.pdf
PS-E007 Non-Slip Epotec Finish MAR 20.pdf
PS-E008 Coating Marble Plaster Surfaces of Swimming Pools with Epotec MAR 20.pdf
PS-E009 Coating Metals with Epotec Epoxy Paint MAR 20.pdf
PS-E010 Maintaining Your Pool Water and Coating for Maxium Life MAR 20.pdf
PS-E011 Maintaining Your Pool Water HIGH MINERAL CONTENT MAR 20.pdf
PS-E012 Filling and maintaining Pool water JAN 23.pdf
PS-E014 Chemical Resistance Chart MAR 20.pdf