The WOODLAND Stains range is specifically formulated to provide the best protection for exterior timber and long lasting colour retention for interior flooring. It is now possible to enhance the natural beauty of timber with water based stains rather than those containing large amounts of solvent. Cotec have developed 3 stains each with specific use and properties designed to get the best out of any timber areas of your building. The Woodland wood stain range has products for exterior timber staining such as fences, decks and pergolas. Exterior Oil stain is a water bourn oil stain designed to deeply penetrate timber and provide long lasting colour and protection. Aquatec stain is a water bourn polyurethane stain designed for interior woodwork and floors. Used to achieve the right colour of the timber and then able to be clear coated. Repel stain is a new development in staining exterior timber. Provides not only the colouring of timber but chemically bonds to the surface and give the ability to repel water. This greatly improves the life of the stain and also the timber. Reduces the growth of moss and algae.


Woodland Stain (Exterior)

A premium grade water borne Linseed Oil based stain to deeply penetrate and protect exterior timber. Easy to apply and has excellent exterior durability and colour retention although as with all stains, regular maintenance will be required. Wash up in water.

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