Epotec swimming pool paint range is specifically formulated to provide the best protection, wear and tear resistance and offers a long term solution to your swimming pool problems.

Epotec pool paint provides a decorative, smooth, seamless, easy clean pool surface season after season. Epotec pool paint is easy DIY application and a full range of attractive colours to choose from.

Cotec offers a full advisory service on how to prepare and paint your pool. For those on a budget we now have a single pack water born swimming pool paint, AQUA 1K to replace the older chlorinated rubber solvent line.

Epotec swimming pool paint has been used throughout Australasia for 30 years and is now being used on major water theme parks in Asia.

Cotec has a thorough understanding of what it takes to successfully prepare and paint swimming pools so contact us for advice on what the best way for you to paint your pool. Epotec swimming pool paint is available nation wide through our reseller network located under “find a reseller” section of our web site.    

Under “POOL PREPARATION INFORMATION SHEETS” on the right of this page you will find detailed information specific to all the preparation and painting requirements and also FAQs and likely problems you may encounter.

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Chlorinated Rubber

  • Solvent based Chlorinated Rubber paint for pools
  • Single pack
  • Cheaper than epoxy coatings
  • Thinner film and softer than epoxy so wears more quickly
  • Generally the life of these coatings is 1/3rd of an epoxy
  • Preparation of the substrate is crucial, particularly if coating over old layers of Chlorinated Rubber so contact Coating Technologies Ltd (09 837 0897) for advice before painting your pool
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Concrete WB Epoxy Sealer

  • A specialised penetrating sealer for aged or new concrete
  • Water based 2 pack epoxy
  • Deep penetration into the concrete surface to help bind and seal before painting
  • Provides maximum adhesion of floor coatings and leveling compounds
  • Excellent water vapour permeability and can be applied to damp concrete
  • Recommended for use on all concrete prior to coating
  • Fast cure, low odour and easy clean up
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Epotec NT Epoxy Pool Paint

  • 100% Cross linked positive cured.
  • Controlled pot life to get best performance.
  • Good long term durable coating with best UV stability.
  • New 5 kg packaging better value for money.
  • A multi-purpose high build coating for interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Suitable for immersion in water and swimming and spa pools, <45 C.
  • Suitable for industrial situations; on walls, floors and machinery that are subject to attack by water, chemicals, mineral oil etc.
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