We have made a conscious decision to move completely away from solvent based paint systems and this has meant a considerable amount of research and development in order to develop successful water based alternatives in the Industrial area.

It is only recently that global resin manufacturers have been able to provide product that can be made into single and two pack paint products that are able to be used easily and as a direct replacement for older solvent based paint. Even then the formulating of these water based products is difficult however we now have a good understanding of how to achieve this and we can release water based Epoxy and Polyurethane paint systems to the market.

The Industrial product range now consists of:

Concrete WB Epoxy Sealer

  • A specialised penetrating sealer for aged or new concrete
  • Water based 2 pack epoxy
  • Deep penetration into the concrete surface to help bind and seal before painting
  • Provides maximum adhesion of floor coatings and leveling compounds
  • Excellent water vapour permeability and can be applied to damp concrete
  • Recommended for use on all concrete prior to coating
  • Fast cure, low odour and easy clean up
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Tuff Cote DTM Primer

A waterborne direct-to-metal anti-corrosive primer with excellent adhesion (typically to iron, steel, aluminium, zinc, copper and brass). Designed as a general industrial primer and interior topcoat for light to medium wear industrial applications. With excellent adhesion and fast set-up time, this product is an excellent replacement for solvent-borne metal primers. Adopting European WB resin technologies, TUFF COTE DTM is formulated to have fast block-resistance and low VOC level (< 50 g/L).

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Tuff Cote Finish

Tuff Cote Finish is a water based polyurethane topcoat with excellent toughness, adhesion, gloss retention and mar resistance. This product can be used by itself (single pack) or combined with Diamond Hardener (2-pack system) to form a highly durable coating suitable for medium to heavy industrial applications. With excellent adhesion and fast set-up time, this product is a replacement for solvent-borne polyurethanes with significant reduction in VOC emissions. Adopting European WB resin technologies, TUFF COTE Finish is formulated to be air-dried, or forced-dried at low temperature (below 60oC).

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Tuff Cote Finish 2K WB Urethane

Tuff Cote Finish WB 2K Urethane is a 2 pack water based polyurethane top coat for general interior and exterior use where excellent toughness and durability are required. Replacing older solvent based urethanes, these new water based versions offer the same high performance but without the odour and need for solvent to clean up.

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