Floor paint and coating systems range of products is now quite comprehensive and has a proven track record or high performance. COTEC specialises in thin film epoxy floor coating systems for commercial and industrial concrete floors. Concrete floor painting can be difficult and we have developed a range of paint to be able to protect concrete from harsh industrial environments. COTEC also uses the epoxy based floor paint for domestic garages, workshops and retail shops where easily applied, hard and durable surfaces are required.

Wooden floors have long been coated in smelly solvent laden clear paint that meant re coating floors has not been the most enjoyable experience. The new single and 2 pack water bourn polyurethane floor paint get over this problem and offer an excellent, tough alternative, Easy to apply and fast drying, the Tuff Floor PU floor paint gives a fast dry, no smell alternative.

Developments in water based resins have allowed us to formulate a full range of products for coating concrete and timber flooring and also provide high chemical and wear resistant topping for industrial and food processing floors.

The Tuff Floor range has been used in areas from shops, food manufacturing plants, power stations, vehicle work shops, dairy milking sheds and the Vector Arena (Auckland) providing excellent service life and durability.

For wooden and concrete floors we have:

Concrete WB Epoxy Sealer

  • A specialised penetrating sealer for aged or new concrete
  • Water based 2 pack epoxy
  • Deep penetration into the concrete surface to help bind and seal before painting
  • Provides maximum adhesion of floor coatings and leveling compounds
  • Excellent water vapour permeability and can be applied to damp concrete
  • Recommended for use on all concrete prior to coating
  • Fast cure, low odour and easy clean up
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Tuff Floor PUD Clear

  • Water based polyurethane clear coating for interior wooden floors
  • Can be used as a single pack option for light traffic or with Diamond Hardener for heavy use and commercial floors
  • Non yellowing
  • Hard wearing and tough (when used with Diamond Hardener)
  • Ideal replacement for old solvent based moisture cured urethane
  • 2 coats can be applied in one day (temperature dependent) and walked on the next
  • No smell so house floors can be done while the house is occupied
  • Used in domestic, retail and sports wooden flooring
  • Easy DIY application and clean up with water
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Tuff Floor WB Epoxy

  • An environmentally friendly water based 2 pack epoxy floor coating
  • Very low VOC and no Benzyl Alcohol
  • Premium epoxy paint for ultra hard wear
  • Non porous and chemically resistant
  • Suitable for all flooring areas subject to commercial, food, dairy, chemical and hospital uses
  • Suitable for food and potable water contact
  • Available in high gloss and low sheen finish
  • Non slip additive can be mixed into the last coat of paint
  • Easy application, mixing and clean up
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Tuff Floor WB Epoxy Levelling

  • Water based 2 pack epoxy levelling compound
  • Cures to a very hard durable surface
  • Can be applied from 1 mm to 10 mm in thickness
  • Ideal for giving aged floors a new seamless topping
  • Can be used as the final floor finish or coated with Tuff Floor WB Epoxy in any colour
  • Excellent water vapour transmission and can be applied to damp concrete
  • Used as a filler for cracks
  • Flow out can be modified to cope with sloping floors
  • The addition of Portland cement makes this into a hard coving compound
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