Decorative house paint in the COTEC range is formulated to make use of the latest technology in water based resins and particularly to optimise the performance both from application and service expectations. COTEC decorative house paint has been used in New Zealand for 30 years and has built a huge reputation for quality. Sold mostly directly to professional painters, the growing acceptance by the public that paint from a smaller manufacturer can be as good as or better than others on the market has meant supplying the retail market also. COTEC decorative house paint is now available from a growing number of hardware chain stores, paint retail stores and independent paint resellers. To see the extent of our network have a look at the “find a reseller” page.

Cotec have a range of products to suit all requirements and suitable for all use areas when it comes to painting buildings.

Our decorative range has some “stand out” products that we know are as good as, or better than any currently on the New Zealand market. These products offer some real benefits to painters and home owner alike. Painters love the ease of use and the quality finish they can achieve and the knowledge that they can get this time and time again. Homeowners benefit from having painted surfaces that are resistant to marking, can be easily washed and will last.

Colour is the heart of decorative house paint and important to the enjoyment of the finished room and the ambiance created. COTEC off a full colour matching service or can supply paint to any colour from any colour system, card or fandeck.

Some of these products widely used are:

Aquatec LP

  • A unique water based “enamel” based on polyurethane
  • Used on all interior surfaces where a tough hard wearing finish is needed
  • Almost odourless
  • Exceptional flow and appearance
  • Ideal for window frames, trim and doors
  • Very smooth finish of a roller or brush
  • Excellent finish when spray applied
  • The right paint for kitchen and bathroom walls and ceilings
  • Available in three gloss levels to match any wall paint
  • Able to be tinted to any current market colour range
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EVO 100% Acrylic Velvet

  • Premium interior washable low sheen finish for all areas
  • Ultra tough “ceramic” pigment for maximum wear resistance
  • Beautiful low sheen “mineral look” finish
  • Can be used in kitchens and well ventilated bathroom areas
  • Available in all current market colours
  • Ideal for walls and ceilings in rental properties
  • Easy to apply with no roller marks or uneven sheen patches
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EVO Easysand

  • Specialised high build acrylic water based sealer/undercoat.
  • Applied with brush, roller or spray
  • Able to be applied to a high wet film in one coat to assist in filling and hiding minor imperfections
  • Very easy sanding
  • Can be used on Plasterboard, plaster, wood, MDF and most porous surfaces
  • Also used as a “filler” on block work or concrete to help achieve a smoother surface prior to top coating
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EVO Elastomer 888

  • Highly flexible 100% acrylic membrane coating
  • Latest technology for greatest flexibility
  • Exterior durability equal to the best acrylic exterior paints
  • High film build helps mask surface imperfections in plaster
  • Designed for plaster, concrete or block work where fine surface cracking is likely to occur leading to “tearing” of ordinary paint films
  • Able to stretch over cracks up to 400µ
  • Special surface hardening (cross linking) chemistry than leaves the paint flexible but the surface resistant to dirt pickup
  • Available in heat reflecting pigment colours (check with our Technical department for use and LRV values)
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