Pool Paint Examples 2

Epotec is available in a light blue. If provides a soft blue colour in most conditions as you can see here.

The Mid Blue colour is the most popular colour for Epotec by a long way. It gives a good colour depth without being too dark. Most commercial and community pools are coated in Mid Blue Epotec.

The Dark Blue colour is ideal for when seeking a more definite blue. It works well with any red - brown colours around the pool. (pavers etc). This is the second most popular colour.

Royal Blue is a dark navy blue and provides a striking colour. It will keep your pool warmer as it absorbs heat. (Maybe too hot in the tropics though)

Slate grey is dark grey and gives a bluish result on sunny days. It can be quite gloomy on overcast days however.

Pale Jade creates an interesting result being a blue - green colour. On bright days it is like the coral sea.

White gives a blank pallete and it will provide colours as a result of overhead conditions and the depth of the pool. As can be seen from a clear white to a mid blue.

Epotec in Chamois looks unusual being a yellow. But when filled it will give a bright greenish shade as it gains blue from the sky above. It suits a tropical garden concept well.

Black will either gain your admiration or you won't go there. Can give a range of impressions depending on lighting, angle of viewing and depth of pool.

Whisper grey is for when a hint of grey will do. It leaves a cool blue colour generally.

Aqua is a pale version of Pale Jade and provides a more subtle result.

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