EPOTEC swimming pool paint bright colours

EPOTEC swimming pool paint has been used in this major theme park in Thailand. Chosen over international competitors, Epotec has been used in all the pools and wet areas of this park. The project has now been completed and is open for family enjoyment. all the coloured areas of concrete and swimming pools including the lazy river have been coated using EPOTEC HB epoxy swimming pool paint. The project required that COTEC staff worked on site during construction to train and supervise the preparation and application of the paint. This work was done by a dedicated local specialist painting company who have become our approved applicators for the Asean region. See the link to OIC Engineering on our home page. Significant project management was required to ensure the concrete and plaster finish in all the wet areas was to a standard to be able to be painted. This included monitoring the placement of reinforcing steel and also advising and training on the correct plaster mixture and application.

The team from OIC Engineering undertook separate training in the mixing and application of the paint before starting on site. Also, all the concrete to be painted had to be acid washed, rinsed off and then dried, no mean feat when working in the weeks leading up to monsoon season.

Of critical importance was the cure time of the paint and with careful formulating of the product to ensure its use in 40oC temperatures we were able to achieve a very short cure time and less sensitivity to water while reaching full cure. This meant that teams of dedicated staff from OIC Engineering were trained in the various aspects of the job and they became very proficient in their respective part of the operation. Painting was monitored from the time of mixing with induction times adhered to and then the paint passed to the applicators who worked as a team applying the paint in a continuous operation from one end of a pool to the other, achieving seamless finishing.