Paint takes flight at Targa
November 4, 2015

The continuing partnership with Buildlink Hardware group and Andy Mygind in the Nissan 240Z was again evident at this year’s Targa Rally. Early promise with the car having new transmission and sitting 2nd in category and 5th in Classic was not to last …

Pool paint white or blue?
July 8, 2015

Pool paint white or blue? Who says you have to paint your pool blue to get that colour? We have done a number of pools with white and light tan coloured paint and once the water goes in the pool takes on a beautiful blue colour. No need to worry about …

Paint colours for beauty, hard wear and environmentally friendly
March 4, 2015

Paint colours for beauty and exceptional hard wear have been chosen for the refurbishment of the Clive Square fountain in Napier. This iconic fountain has a concrete base and cast iron body and needed special attention when it came time for restoration …

Pool Paint in Singapore
February 4, 2015

  Pool Paint by Epotec has been used in another prestigious job the Singapore Sports Hub, applied by our Asean agent, OIC Engineering. Following a number of large, high profile water theme parks being completed in Thailand, Cotec were approached b …

Polished Concrete Floor beautiful high gloss with Cotec
November 25, 2014

Polished concrete floor can achieve beautiful high gloss finish with careful grinding and polishing but one important step is the use of products to seal and densify the concrete before the final polishing stage. Cotec have developed a range of product …

Cotec pool paint Epotec supplied to another major project in Thailand
November 25, 2014

Cotec pool paint Epotec has been supplied to yet another major water theme park repaint in Thailand. This time it is the Foresta Life Park, located in Kao Yai National Park area of northern Thailand, that is being closed down for extensive refurbishmen …

Cotec Paint brand of choice for Wainuiomata
September 12, 2014

Cotec paint has been chosen as the leading brand of paint to be carried in the Wainuiomata Timber and Hardware. This store is newly independent and looking to make a name as a paint destination as well as timber and hardware. Cotec paint has been assoc …

COTEC paint exterior colour stands out
August 27, 2014

COTEC exterior paint colour made especially for this customer. The bright blue Pantone colour has been tinted to ensure the best coverage and also durability making this business stand out on the street. COTEC manufactures a full range of exterior pain …

EPOTEC swimming pool paint bright colours
August 27, 2014

EPOTEC swimming pool paint has been used in this major theme park in Thailand. Chosen over international competitors, Epotec has been used in all the pools and wet areas of this park. The project has now been completed and is open for family enjoyment. …

COTEC Paint Reseller
July 17, 2014

Continued success of the brand in the market and the acceptance that Cotec makes high quality products at a reasonable price with many products equal or better than the major maunfacturers has encouraged STIMZ Ltd to set up as a full reseller of Cotec paint lines including on site

Tough work areas need tough coating solutions
April 5, 2014

This hard working rural automotive workshop needed a floor coating capable of withstanding the daily hard grind of vehicles being worked on day in, day out. Correct preparation of the concrete was done and our Tuff Floor WB Epoxy system applied. As can be seen, this is a busy

How to make an old pool look brand new!
April 4, 2014

These before and after shots show what a little time and effort can do to your pool. Tired and in need of a repaint this pool now looks a million dollars with a fresh coating of Epotec Pool Paint.

Major upgrade of Clive Council swimming pool
April 4, 2014

Built in 1953, the Clive pool needed a complete strip back to bare concrete, repair of significantly worn and eroded areas of the walls and floor of the pool and new Epotec HB pool paint. The project was undertaken with Gemco Construction who have now …

Beautiful old house refurbished….just like new
March 11, 2014

Used as a base for an important foundation, this old building has be transformed to look just like new. Painted from top to bottom using Cotec paint, including the roof (which now looks like a new one). This building shows the result of using premium q …

New paint for refurbishing aged cedar weather board houses
November 28, 2013

Cotec have developed a new water repellent stain particularly effective for refurbishing and bringing back colour to aged cedar board. Once cleaned and prepared the cedar is simply coated with two coats of REPEL water based stain of the chosen colour t …

Cotec Repel water based stain for cedar

Vector Arena Auckland has new floor coating
November 27, 2013

Following the BMX World Champs held at Vector on a purpose built track, Vector decided it was time to repaint the floor even though after all the construction and removal of the dirt and concrete track had not damaged the floor coating. Tuff Floor WB E …

Epotec Swimming Pool paint latest projects in Australia
November 27, 2013

Our Australian agent (Hitchins Technologies Ltd) has a large number of pools painted every year and this is a sample of recently completed projects. Epotec swimming pool paint has been sold in Australia for many years and has a proven track record on d …

Epotec HB pool paint

Anti-Graffiti paint a hit
September 9, 2013

Cotec sponsored the Anti-Graffiti clear paint for a giant mural project ‘Gaffing Around’ in Christchurch recently. The aim was to add some colour into the central city and lift the community’s spirits. Cotec’s new water based 2 pack clear anti graffiti …

Santorini Water Park, Thailand
July 17, 2013

Another win against international competition! Cotec paint is being used on all pools at this major theme park construction in Cha Am. Time spent in Thailand detailing our pool paint systems to the developers has resulted in large orders for product pl …

Thailand Before and after

Milking shed refurbishment
July 17, 2013

After much work and trials Cotec now has a system of products for coating and repair of milking shed floors, milking platforms and walls. Water based, very hard wearing and available in flake or colour finish. Two large multi shed farming groups are un …

Dairy milking shed painted with Cotec

Americas Cup
May 17, 2013

As part of our ability to produce special products for high demand areas, Cotec has red paint on the AC73 Team New Zealand boat! Our paint is on the carbon fibre areas of the sails.

Water based polyurethane special paint for AC72