Premium Paint from a New Zealand Manufacturer with a big reputation

COTEC paint expertise covers most areas of paint application including decorative house paint, industrial paint coatings, floor paint finishes and coatings and a number of other quite highly specialised paint areas such as protection of concrete and anti-graffiti coatings. A core competency within the company has been the painting of swimming pools and concrete food and manufacturing areas subject to washing, chemicals and water. We offer full systems and advice for this difficult market and now have some highly specialsised products designed to help overcome some of the prime causes of failure of coatings on concrete.

Significant paint research and product development is undertaken by the company and particularly in the very new technologies of water bourn polyurethane paint which is leading to some exciting developments in paint products suitable for the general industrial and steel fabrication markets allowing manufacturers to move away from existing highly solvent laden products.

Our Decorative house paint range is equal to or better than any products currently on the market and we hold a special place in the professional painting trade as a supplier who’s products deliver the performance and ease of application they believe they should have.

COTEC has grown a significant distribution network throughout New Zealand and the products are now available through various retail networks such as the Decorator Solutions Group, ITM stores, Buildlink Group and many independent paint stores.

COTEC has its own manufacturing facilities in Auckland including research and quality control laboratories, warehousing and distribution and administration offices.

The management of COTEC prides itself on the level of expertise we have available within the company – senior management have a combined 60 years of experience in all aspects of coating development, manufacture and application (at both local and international level) and offer this as part of our philosophy of being a “solutions” based supplier.

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